Commissioner William W. Francis is the author of two books and contributing author to others.

Heritage of HolinessHeritage of Holiness

This compilation of nine papers on the historical background of holiness teaching provides significant information to all Christians. Readers will become better informed, gaining a clearer historical perspective on this important point of doctrine.


Celebrate the Feasts of the World Celebrate the Feasts of the Lord

Every Christian has Jewish biblical roots. Commissioner William informs the church of the historical and spiritual importance of the biblical feasts. Readers will learn about each feast’s origin, its meaning and practice among the Jews, and finally its significance for Christians.


Living Portraits Speaking StillLiving Portraits Speaking Still

Thirty to forty authors penned this collection of Bible studies using three languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek) over a period of 1,500 years–sixty generations. No other book in history comes close to equalling these remarkable characteristics.


The Stones Cry OutThe Stones Cry Out

Commissioner William provides brief introductory information on 18 major locations that Jesus frequented during His earthy ministry. He wants to wet the reader’s appetite for further exploration through biblical research, and if possible, have them take a personal pilgrimage to the Holy Land.


Commissioner Marilyn D. Francis is an accomplished vocalist and pianist.

Just a Closer WalkJust a Closer Walk

Commissioner Marilyn has produced this audio recording of vocal and keyboard improvisations that consists of gospel favourites and much-loved hymns.