Impacting Future Generations for Christ

Crossroads Christian Communications Inc. (CCCI) and Crossroads Television System (CTS) are ready, willing, and qualified to serve The Salvation Army as preferred producers of a brand new, state of the art, interactive and media-driven children’s curriculum entitled “Ready To Serve.” The Salvation Army in Canada entered into an agreement earlier this summer with Crossroads and are pleased to announce this partnership.

“We look forward to working with Crossroads on this significant project,” says Captain Mark Hall, Territorial Youth Secretary for Canada and Bermuda. “We believe it’s important to be creatively connected to today’s children’s culture in order to engage and empower kids to live godly lives. Crossroads will help us do that.”

The Ready To Serve curriculum is the first media-based curriculum for kids produced exclusively for The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army has engaged Crossroads and its own team of educators to create a modern adventure-style, faith-based curriculum for kids age 7-10 years. The resource will be available for use in churches across North America in September 2011, and will feature weekly in-class lessons as well as a daily at-home, web-based resource for young families.

“Engaging kids at all stages of their faith with large and small group activities, in a safe and trusted teacher-friendly format, using original video segments, exciting music and culturally relevant Bible lessons is the best way to interact with our young people in these times,” says Bruce Stacey, Chief Content Officer at CTS and liaison to The Salvation Army development team. “It is also important to The Salvation Army and to Crossroads that we encourage kids to continue what they learn on Sundays with at-home follow-up.”

The Salvation Army is developing a dedicated website that will include a safe on-line gaming world, music videos, Army Trivia, and other activities to reinforce the faith and values lessons learned in class each week. Together these components will help children grow in their faith and hopefully model their values to others.

Here is a video with Don Simmonds talking to Commissioner Marilyn Francis and Major Denise Walker about the new partnership between the Salvation Army and Crossroads to develop a new children’s program that will reach youth through media outlets.

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  1. Pieter J.van Horssen

    This is really a great opportunity to reach out to the children with a good program amidst the all the trash that is on television these days.

    God Bless you in this

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