Patience is a Virtue

biblecalendarPatience is a wonderful word, but it’s not always well received by us. What we want, we want now. The immediate feels better than waiting. We assume that instant gratification to the desires of our hearts will make us happier. Sadly, we are so often wrong.

God’s idea of patience is not necessarily ours. Our heavenly Father knows the direction and every minute detail of our lives. He will work out every aspect when we trust and rely on him for guidance.

Patience brings calmness of heart. It produces a “standing still” of our being and that is what we call having faith. Our worries disappear and our stress vanishes as we place our trust in God’s control and timing.

My wonderful, saintly mother used to say: “Don’t pray for patience because the Bible says that tribulation worketh patience!” She added: “Why would you pray for added sorrow, trials and or pain?” Thanks for the illustration, Mom! My precious mother is in Heaven now, but her words live on in me and now through me to you.

Patience is a virtue, they say. The Bible has numerous accounts that highlight the patience of God’s servants. We view Jacob’s patience while he waited seven plus seven years for his chosen love (see Genesis 29:14-30). Who could deny the patience of Job who was tested and tried? Think of the patience of dear Joseph who sat many years in prison while those who had wronged him remained free (see Genesis 39-41). God planned that after this test, Joseph would rule over them all! David, after years of being hunted by Saul, was finally anointed king. He had been mistreated and harassed, but through the whole ordeal David had remained kind and patient. Note well, most of all, the patience exhibited by Nehemiah when he would not give up on Jerusalem but waited on God’s timing to rebuild the damaged walls.

I encourage you to reflect anew on the patience of God’s people as you seek God’s direction for your lives.

francis_marilyn_cmsr_medCommissioner Marilyn D. Francis is Territorial President of Women’s Ministries for Canada and Bermuda. Her husband, Commissioner William W. Francis, is the Territorial Commander. Commissioner Marilyn Francis is an accomplished vocalist and pianist. She has produced an audio recording of vocal and keyboard improvisation of hymns and gospel songs titled Just a Closer Walk. Commissioners Francis have two adult children, Captain William Marshall and Susan Marjorie, plus six grandchildren.

2 thoughts on “Patience is a Virtue

  1. Sandra Levine

    Thank you Commissioner Marilyn for your wise words. It’s easy to say trust in God, but a lot harder to have the patience to do it. God bless you!

  2. Nhildz Dadap

    In our world today where almost everything goes in a modern rush people can hardly wait…it is seen that the virtue of Patience is dire necessary.. For me, this “virtue of patience” is almost synonymous to the “the wisdom of waiting”.. Thanks…

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