Patience Revisited

There are definite benefits that come from practicing patience. We develop the exciting virtue of being able to “stand still.” We learn the importance of trusting in God. And we grow in spiritual maturity as we surrender more fully to God’s will and direction.

Let me share with you 20 positive results that come from practicing patience. These have been adapted from Dr Charles Stanley.

1. We see God at work in our lives and allow him to work out the details. When we take a step back, we gain a new perspective.
2. We experience a strong testimony of God’s faithfulness.
3. We get much better results and discover the value of waiting.
4. We find the time needed to make difficult decisions.
5. We experience God’s family. Through fellowship, others encourage us.
6. We receive the strength to endure suffering and hardships.
7. We build strong, loving relationships in our homes, churches and workplaces.
8. We witness more often and people get saved.
9. We encourage others to grow in the Lord.
10. We are able to help those who are going in the wrong direction.
11. We can see God faithfully answer our prayers.
12. We learn that God sustains us during stressful situations.
13. We grow in our spiritual maturity.
14. We can be used by God to help others who are going through similar circumstances.
15. We maximize our potential.
16. We position ourselves with God to receive his best.
17. We learn the value of making proper decisions when we don’t rush into making them.
18. We experience the joy that comes from relying on God.
19. We are more open to being used by the Lord for his purposes.
20. We find freedom from our need for immediate results and action.

What have you learned about patience? Do you struggle in surrendering to God’s will? Do you want or expect things to happen according to your schedule? Have you experienced the fullness that comes when you depend on God’s care and provision?

I pray that you will experience the joy that comes from practicing patience. Take a moment to stop what you’re doing and reflect on God’s goodness and compassion. Surrender your needs and concerns over to the Lord and allow him to speak into your life and situation. As you enter into his presence, you will see that nothing else matters except placing your trust in him.

francis_marilyn_cmsr_medCommissioner Marilyn D. Francis is Territorial President of Women’s Ministries for Canada and Bermuda. Her husband, Commissioner William W. Francis, is the Territorial Commander. Commissioner Marilyn Francis is an accomplished vocalist and pianist. She has produced an audio recording of vocal and keyboard improvisation of hymns and gospel songs titled Just a Closer Walk. Commissioners Francis have two adult children, Captain William Marshall and Susan Marjorie, plus six grandchildren.

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